Extended Wireless Network with DD-WRT
Duwayne McClendon / Wednesday, 18 April 2012 15:42

I wanted to extend the range of an existing Linksys WRTU54g-TM (a non dd-wrt compatible router) that currently is using the @Home service by T-Mobile. Since they have discontinued the @Home service there is no upgradable router available at this time.

The current WRTU54g-TM Wireless BG Router has very limited connectivity in the unattached garage at the current rental property. Since the unit is a rental the option to run CAT6 network cable to the garage is not an option, neither is upgrading the Primary router to a unit with Wireless N since the WRTU54g-TM is needed to make/receive phone calls through the T-Mobile @Home telephone number.

A Linksys WRT150N was purchased at a garage sale for $10 and is compatible with dd-wrt. After upgrading the stock firmwar to dd-wrt the WRT150N is used as the Secondary router running in Repeater Bridge mode. Setup was easy after following the directions here and now all wireless devices are able to connect to either wireless device automatically. I am using the same wireless SSID and security encryption with the same wireless passcode. The only drawback is if a device is connected to the Secondary wireless point which would only be in the case a device is in the garage, the speed is cut in half. The benefits are no cables were needed to link the two routers and now my T-Mobile Android device with Wi-Fi Calling is not interrupted if I walk between the house and the garage.

Once the T-Mobile @Home service is no longer of use to us we will upgrade to a new Asus RT-N16 will be of service to me.

Here is a Repeater Bridge configuration example:
Repeater Bridge



IMG 0339

Linksys WRT150N

IMG 0340

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