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I was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in San Dimas, California (remember Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?) and currently reside in Pleasanton, California near the 580/680 Interchange in Northern California with my beautiful daughters Kayla, Kaden and Quinn with two charismatic cats, Kasper and Buh-Buhas. We visit attractions we like on Roadside America, which always gets me away from my desk but not offline.

I also spend a lot of time when my girls are away working, listening to music, and reading random books/blogs/magazines.

I can be found on Twitter, and, occasionally, on Flickr.

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How I developed this site

This site was designed almost exclusively in Firefox with the help of FireBug, using my Custom Build Intel Computer. Code was written using the amazing and incredible Dreamweaver. The back-end is based on Joomla utilizing Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP a.k.a LAMP. Google Analytics provides details web statistics. IE testing facilitated by separate demo workstations at my desk, each running a different version from 6-8.


Duwayne McClendonWhen you hire DuwayneWebPro, you are hiring me, Duwayne McClendon. When you send an email, it goes to me. When you call the office, I answer the phone. I'm a senior web developer and designer, and have been since the turn of the century. If you asked me ten years ago if I would be writing code all day I would have probably laughed really hard. As it turned out, I do write code every day, and much like green eggs and ham, I like them Sam I am.

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About what i do

What I do is back-end and front-end development. What that means is this: I work closely with IAs, designers and back-end developers to develop the front-end code necessary to get your site looking and acting exactly how it was designed to. Using hand-coded HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I take your wireframes and designs all the way to a full prototype ready for rapid development and integration with your back-end system.
I work hard to free your designers from worrying about things like browser constraints and dumbing down their designs so that they are easier to code. With the tools available today, there isn't much that can't be accomplished with plain old html, css, and javascript, while keeping an eye on the old standbys - accessibility, validity, optimizations (of size, speed, and search engine), and, above all, craftsmanship.

I've also spent a lot of time building templates, themes, and customizing Joomla.

About this site

This site you're looking at is the second major version of duwaynewebpro.net. It was released in May of 2010, after a large chunk of time alternating between frantic development and total neglect. This site is built using Joomla, with templates, HTML, CSS, and Javascript all hand-coded by yours truly. I'm happy with it, and I hope you are too.

This site makes use of several third-party pieces of javascript: The ever popular and powerful jQuery and jQuery UI power 99% of the javascript on this site. The amazing fonts that you (probably) see are provided by Cufon. Text hyphenation by the jQuery plugin Hyphenate. This site is also taking advantage of Universal IE6 Identify.